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lirik lagu you don’t know me – master p

[master p]
yo, whatcha trippen on
didnt i tell you it was gonna be alrite
i done came up on somethin shorty
and i got you

[chorus x2]
o you dont know me very well
(shorty keep ya head up)
o you dont know me very well
(even when you fed up)

[master p]
i seen you in school shorty
whats to du shorty
you know im out here thuggin
but whats up with me and you shorty
you need me im on the freeway
im in the hood thuggin with my homie darrel, i mean ej
what you sayin
he aint treatin you right
whats up baby girl you needa thug in yo life
shorty keep ya head up
and imma be there when you need me girl
even when you fed up
and i aint tryna boost you up
or shoot you up
but if u was money, ud be a million bucks
just be there when i need ya
and if you hungry imma feed ya
thats why them other girls wanna be ya
and girl you shouldnt settle for less
settle for that
you a queen and you deserve the best
i know you dont know me
i remember what you told me
and i like the way you hold me

[chorus x2]

i know you shocked
aint really into meetin new guys
think we all the same
good for tellin you lies
but i can understand that
i peep the frown that you had on yo face
when i ask where your man at
but i aint really tryna invade your sp-ce
your heart has been shattered all over the place
you used to be a bright girl
now your world is dimm
got an att-tude
wish you hadnt heard of him
imma p-i-m-p but ill treat you right
can i simm girl, neva i just aint the type
when i was broke on the block you was there for me
so you can cut dude loose
he dont compare to me
cus see
im from the heart
i don run outta lies
and i dont wanna be the reason tears run from your eyes
think im too g’d up fo my feelings to show
then go right ahead and keep thinkin ya know
you waz wrong about me

[chorus x2]

[lil romeo]
yo ma
im always seein you around
but latley it seems somethin keepin you down and
they say your ex is so abusive
you dont play sports
how you get those bruises
to be honest the dude is useless
lemme take you out the hood we can do this (okay)
you too cute to be sittin on the bench
you can start on my team ma
come and represent and
i can treat you betta then that loser eva did
because you dont deserve the type of stress that he give
i kno im young but i can treat you right
and if he trippen den you needa be with me tonight (ugh)
and baby he dont have an ounce of respect for you
thats why i think its ganxta how you packed up and left the dude
shorty age aint nuhn but a number
if you needa get away take the benz or the hummer and
you sayin i dont know enough about you
but i just cant see myself being withough you

[chorus (till fade)]

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