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lirik lagu you know i know (chapter 12) – saga


here we come—–now there’s a cloud upon the city
we’re not done—–under an unforgiving sky
don’t pretend—–and as the dust invades the twighlight
this will end—–we see there’s still no signs of life
dust to dust—–how did the dream become the nightmare?
no more trust—–our deepest fears have all come true
how it ends—–we should have had some kind of warning
that depends—–but there’s no shelter from the truth

you know i know
you’re gonna give it one more try
i know you know
there’s more to this than meets the eye

once again—–now there’s an unfamiliar landscape
you need rain—–nothing remains of what we knew
so insane—–so now the task of reconstruction
who’s to blame?—–we’ll built it up and start anew
streets of gold—–the days of innocence are over
bought & sold—–so much for living in the past
don’t forget—–as we prepare to face the future
no regrets—–we know each day could be our last

[repeat chorus]