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lirik lagu you know where to find me – imogen heap

you know where to find me
when you’re on your way out
all bustle and busy
enough is enough
because life’s sweet -ssemblages
equate to driftwood away
be still with me

you know where to find me
for no particular reason
to stop traffic behavior
or to get something off your chest
cause we go a long way back
back to nothing at all
be still with me

won’t you be-
be still with me

you know where to find me
if you think it’s all over
i can sense it a mile off
it’s no friendly h-llo
you could be screaming drunk
well i’ve got my bad days too
i’m gonna be here for you
be still with me

in a public place, private thoughts
a reminder of a precious loss
(you can be a source of constant re-ssurance)
let the breeze block sadness drop
won’t you be-
be still with me


don’t mistake my charity
for what it is
deem me into believing necessary
don’t mistake my open arms
for what it is
they can turn on you
so show me the money.
show me the money.

blue and green,
fresh eyes on me
i’m young again
all things to mend with
bite-size life boats
i’ll fix your smashed up head

be still with me
if you want
to be alone
if you’d rather die
then tell
you’ll know where i’ll be
where to find me
for high talk
to cut it off or bring it on
a proposal
if you’re broken,
i’ll be here,
i’ll be here

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