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lirik lagu you’re the one – guerilla black

(feat. mario winans)

[mario winans]
oh yeah, oh yeah! ohh baby
oh ohh, oh ohh, oh baby, oh yeah..

[verse – guerilla black]
i remember when i met you on crenshaw
i almost crashed my truck, and spilled my hen’ dawg
yes you, god blessed you, i was trying to get next to you
your homegirls was hating, but i didn’t care
you said you had a man, i was like “where?”
it was something so different about you
i felt so gifted around you
even though you had a man and all
i took the chance to call, we held hands at the mall
that day was so special to me
your man left you at mickey d’s
you called me, i scooped you up
i seen fear in your eyes, the tears in your eyes
he can’t hug you like i hug you
better yet love you like this thug do

[chorus – mario winans]
it’s official, you’re the one
but you’re already ta-ken
oh i can’t help the way i’m feeling
you’re the one, i wish i could replace him
cause i know that baby you’re the one

[verse – guerilla black]
i’m having the time of my life
felt the world on wheels, you and your homegirl got some skills
n-body make me feel like you do
or better yet real like you, i messed around and killed dude
i seen homegirly just flossin, we made eye contact
dude always is flossin, me never
you and black forever, tattered on my neck in green letters
late night eating haagen-dazs, watching uncut
and me sitting there, playing wit your b-tt
took off your clothes, i hit it on the counch
even though mom’s in the house
nothing could replace this feeling
it’s like winning 2 million, our bond closer than cicilians
i know old boy won’t leave you alone
i know you love him, but our love is strong


[verse – guerilla black]
i couldn’t leave well enough alone
h-ll i had to hit ya cell phone
i left you a message, it went like this, “i love you, mmmuah!”
i guess it’s my luck, i goes to the magic
d-mn, ain’t that his truck?
i guess you wit him, screw him
if it wasn’t for you, i’d have to do him
you seen ’em at jack in the box
he was mackin a lot, to some rats in a drop
now you call the beat and the power, dedicate songs every hour
all h-ll done broke loose
he got your p-sscode to your cell and my nextel chrip too
i guess it’s time for you to decide
which one of us you want in your life?

[chorus – repeat 2x]

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