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lirik lagu you’re the reason i’m leaving – franz ferdinand

“you’re the reason i’m leaving”

some granite wall
numbs our bones, numbs our all
as we sit on skinny hands
nothing to say, nothing at all
i don’t know you and i don’t want to
you’re so awkward just like me
but i don’t care

you’re the reason i’m leaving

i’d no idea that in four years
i’d be hanging from a beam
behind the door of number ten
singing fare thee well
i am leaving
yes i leave it all to you

you’re the reason i’m leaving

as we ride along under an optimistic sun
the radio sings that everybody song by rem
and here i am fighting fighting
yes i’m fighting not to cry
and that’s another reason
why i oughtta hate you like i do
like i do

i’m the reason you’re leaving

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