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lirik lagu you really know how to hurt a guy – jan and dean

weve been goin steady now for such a long time
& up until now, everything was just fine
you say you still love me, but it’s not the same
it so plain to see that you’re playin a game

you really know how to hurt a guy
you really know how to make me cry
you really know how to hurt a guy
but what a mean way to say goodbye

every time you hurt me, it seems like you planned it
i’ve talked to your friends, but they don’t understand it
where did i lose it? what did i do wrong?
we can’t break it up now; it’s lasted so long

if you’d look at me, you’d see tears in my eyes
when were together & you’re lookin at other guys
the ones that you like are really not your kind
i know their type & what’s on their minds

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