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lirik lagu you should be mine – alaine

i look at you
and i can see you wanting more
inside your eyes
are telling me what you’re looking for
a love that’s true
someone that you can lean on
to pull you through
well baby, i will be the one

i wanna be the one in your life
i wanna be the one by your side
i wanna be the one to show you
oh baby, you should be mine
don’t want us to make a mistake
don’t ever want to see your heart break
i can’t let you go this time
oh baby, you should be mine

you should be mine
oh yeah

it’s been so long
since real love has looked your way
but hold on, be strong
it doesn’t have to be a game we play
cuz i hear you say
how a heartache can feel
but now today
you finally found a love that’s really real


and i know just what you’re going through
you’re never sure just who-
-who might be hurting you
but let me be the one to hold you tight
make everything alright
cuz you, you should be mine tonight

chorus (x2)

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