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lirik lagu you went down faster than the titanic – autumn under fire

keep it in time
to the beating of my heart
you keep on telling me baby
that you don’t where to start
i’m gonna show you how to move
and try to teach you how to groove
you’re gonna learn it in time
or else i’m changing up my mind.
now baby shut your pretty mouth
we don’t need words for this, now.
i’m tired of messing around
let’s just get down to it now.
so baby, leave to me the rest
your heart is pounding in your chest
it’s keeping time with the b-ss
and you’ve got that s-xy little look on your face.

it’s getting hotter now
i hear you screaming now
you’re begging baby, now
so come on, tell me how
i wanna shout it out
before you find it out
it’s getting way too loud
i’m f-cking dying now
the b-ss is turning down
and you keep going now
you throw yourself around
and i’m still asking how
it’s getting hotter now
and you keep shouting out
i’ll try to tell you now
you’ve got me going down.

keep it mind
when you’re moving in the sheets
i’m gonna make you define
what it means to feel this heat
you’re asking me now
when your pulse is gonna race
and you can see me answer how
with that nasty little grin on my face.

don’t stop
keep it going baby
don’t stop
keep it moving baby
don’t stop
keep it going baby
don’t stop

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