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lirik lagu young stud – angeli

i’m feeling so good, i thank my creator
for the feelings i’ve had kind of late
i’m knocking on wood that they will last eternally
there’s a lad out there in the crowd
he’s so young and he wants to flirt
with an older young-looking woman like me
so why should i give up this young stud
run and hide from an uncertain future
when now is all the time that there may be
i look good for someone who’s forty
every year get a little more naughty
cos here in america a woman is free
a woman has power when she’s older
heck of a lot smarter, quite a bit bolder
than an undecided woman of 20
she has money, she has maturity
she has, thanks to modern technology,
an eternal and ageless beauty
so why should i…
angeli: ah, ce beau jeune garçon, qui a l’air si fort et si doux… et voilà
mon coeur qui bat comme un tambour.
young stud: madame, puis-je me présenter ?
angeli: mais oui…
young stud: je m’appelle jean.
angeli: et je suis angeli.
young stud: madame, je vous trouve charmante.
angeli: ah oui ?
young stud: donnez-moi un rendez-vous.
angeli: eh bien… peut-être…
young stud: ce samedi?
angeli: ce samedi alors.
so men, let the pendulum swing our way
it’s time for woman to have her day
appreciate a young stud if she please
why should a firm young body be
an older man’s exclusive territory
here in america a woman is free
[composed by angeli; ©1991 shenai song productions (ascap)]

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