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lirik lagu your own face – al sirat

you know – it’s not your inner value,
no matter, how far you look,
if you speak true,
it pays less then false!
this is not your education,
your philosophy, your creation
is not what they pay for!
don’t lie yourself
just count yourself!

anonymous hollow voices
faceless, shapeless,
don’t lie yourself –
dols looking trough their blind eyes

the point is not your spirit,
your personality is not what they,
is not what they need!
the point are not your feelings,
your heart means sh-t for them,
so stay as an insect,
but i spat on
i sh-t on it!

if you’re human – have a name!
listen to your heart – make your way clear!
if you’re human – have a shape!
look in the mirror as we – see your own face!

your own face!

count and buy and buy to sell it,
buy and stock, die but earn,
count and buy to sell, live to stock…

anonymous (…)

anonymous (…)

if you’re human (…)

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