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lirik lagu you’re a lady now – angels


the angels – you’re a lady now

it doesn’t matter who you are, we’re all trying to get
averyone in his own way, from the day that we are
singles for that ballroom queen that i heard about,
who gets the best of the clientele and lets them make
her out.

well it’s alright baby, you changed your life and
you used to be a honky tonk sister, but you’re a lady

it seemed like love at first sight, i was completely
when she turned ’round in that bar, there was fire in
her eyes,
thought my search was over now, found that special
girl at last,
so i took her home with me, i like the lady’s cl-ss

(chorus & solo)

i had all my tomorrows planned, but how long can it
inside we’re all honky tonks as far as i can see,
i woke up but she was gone, too late i realised
that the lady used me as a stepping stone as she
reached for the sky.