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lirik lagu you’re the man – age-9

you question my innocence when you know i’m pure.
you question my innocence when you can’t prove yours.
you know i’m a good man and you know you’re not,
but you can’t just change that
because you’re a f-cking cop change that!
you got no morals,
you got now friends.
you got a gun and you’ll use it just because you can.
youՉ۪re not respected,
you’re not even a man.
youՉ۪re just a public nuisance with a gun and badge.
youՉ۪re the man!
you’’re the man with gun in your hand.
youՉ۪re the man with that nice shinny badge.
youՉ۪re the man,
you’re the lowest form of sh-t.
youՉ۪re the man,
deal with it.

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