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get the f-ck out my brain
psychological pain
its creeping up on me
i feel like a zombie a slave to the trade
dissecting myself its not good for my health
offer blood for the wealth keeping my stealth
i jump on the train
nobodys the same

pull up and i motherucking genocide
still on site suicide roping my neck
and hope for the best
pick up and pack it and aim for your chest
fill up my cup only blood from a guest
embodied the devil and then i expressed
cut throat muppy put my blade to the test
put the blade to your neck
blood on the deck now i let the crows peck
im a force to be reckoned with
i know where my weapon is
pull it out and hold it up muppy bout to settle it
gasoline on the cross ignite the flame
triple k!ll triple six sunset and aim

pathway is open my journeys begun
if this is a game i have already won
i hate the pain but i do it for fun
levelling up i am shanking a nun
f a u x m u p p y til i die
put a bullet in your eye
disable the cry
hear screams in the night
keeping my calm and i am sailing the boat
watching the river and keeping afloat
the rains washing off all the blood on my coat
loosing all innocence because i am broke
keeping a promise i never revoke

smiling and waving but inside im dead
execution is coming so off with your head
f-ck out my way amputating your legs
enforcer is here so blood will be shed
the mortar is coming hes always ahead