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lirik lagu check your life at the door – 16th avenue


this is the end of all that’s real.
tell all the angels how you feel,
i’m sorry, i’ve stolen,
i’ve cheated, and i’m broken.

every right will have it’s wrong,
did you leave love to carry on.
i’m faithful, but fading,
i’m wide eyed, and waiting.

mothers and daughters, fathers and others,
i hope you understand.
if love is nothing, nothing is something.
oh god i hope i’m right.
cynics and sinners, losers and winners,
lay down your final hand.
gamble your chances, crush your defenses.
you’ll hope to god i’m right.

wasting time’s not an option,
so take my precise precaution.
i’m locked up, and keyless,
it’s all been, meaningless.

and now that we’re all on the same page,
do you think these prayers will keep you safe?
their hiding, the truth.
you’ll find out, real soon