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lirik lagu 0:00 – 1vezzy


they wait for time to p-ss by, just to say time flies, i tell her don’t cry when she cries, i wish she stayed alive when she died, died from my soul, she turned my love to straw, then back to gold, and i get mad when i look back at old messages, and i know it’s old but it feels like she still misses me, i miss the way she kissed me to sleep, (i don’t wanna say goodbye 4x)

she said i gave up to quick, but i fought too, staying wasn’t the problem, being together was, so letting go was ought too, you let go to quick, i couldn’t believe i lost you, why didn’t you hold on a little longer, you held me in your hand, and made me your song bird, i be let let go was your song choice, you said the love was right, but the person was the wrong choice, i listened to everything you listened to, i heard everything you heard, so you couldn’t blame me for overhearing, you told me stay out the crowd, but i kept over cheering, you said i did too much and i would listen, you would constantly remind me of what i’m missing, go find another fish in the sea, she say go find another shark to be, then she say “if you find another fish, don’t talk to me”

she said i was making myself look dumb, she said you can have all the fun you want, she said you could leave and run, how did i feel, it left me stunned, i got no time to lose, it’s either left for dead or keep me amused, no more holding my breath, but i gotta stay on mute, you robbed me from myself, you stopped me from myself, you robbed me from myself, you stopped me from myself, but you’d tell me you’d be better without me, she would spread my news like the paper route, just to come to me, and finally say “i finally found me”, i found me doing better, she left without a goodbye hug, but she left with a letter, (i don’t wanna say goodbye 4x)

the text messages getting bolder, telling me i gotta get over her, i wanna hear her voice so i keep phoning her, she not picking up the call, phone on do not disturb, my phone keep dozing her, i keep stopping, i keep growing, i keep going, i keep glowing, i keep flowing, i keep blowing, i kept venting, i kept yo number, even when i wasn’t yo lover, you was blocked since the break, since the summer, i don’t want you to leave and think it was your fault, i could see it i k ow it wasn’t your fault, you gave it your all, the way it ended, it ended so horribly, i went into the corer door and sat invisibly, i’m for you, not for anybody to see, (i don’t wanna say goodbye 4x)

speak your mind, just to not speak it out, i understand that’s something you can’t even speak about, tell me you gone tell me, don’t leave a detail out, i want to know everything even if it’s nothing, if you still have it on your mind, it obviously turned to something, i can tell it’s bothering you, it’s having baby’s with your dreams, and then it’s fathering you, put the thought on child support it’s gone start following you, in real life and social media, he’ll see all your social breakdowns, every post about me that you take down, you can’t undo it even if you shake now, i thought i had you in love but you found a way to break out

i guess this is goodbye, as well as it’s written, good riddance, i hope this is seen by chance, future, matthias, those pare my children, i hope they’re somewhere in the islands just chilling and vibin, keep grinding, keep striving, keep thriving, each one word for each one son, (i don’t wanna say goodbye 4x)