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lirik lagu ​​banana pie – cover (remaster and remix) – 1xfighter


[verse 1: 1xfighter]
runnin’ rampant
i can see it in your eyes
vision tainted by the lies
of every man, banana pie
so sweet and soft
never enough
i’m left with crumbs, i have to buy
more of it to satisfy
my craving, climb a ladder, i’m
on the edge of the world, hang my feet off of the side
no one really wants to die alone, but some of us will try
for this life, we don’t apply
just appear one day, for why?
cover up your pain, get high enough to spread your wings and fly
[chorus: 1xfighter]
it’s okay to cry (it’s okay to cry)
my sweet banana pie (my sweet banana pie)
it’s okay to cry
my sweet banana pie
my sweet banana**

[verse 2: 1xfighter]
i am strong
deep inside
but i haven’t always known
is it safe insidе my home?
and i despise this f*cking phonе
tell me act like i am grown
tell me care for what i own
if i’ve got to give it back to someone, this life is a loan
this life is a loan
this life is a loan
this life is a loan
honey, chin up and be strong
baby, this life is a loan

[outro: 1xfighter]
and you don’t need banana pie