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lirik lagu 2 see clear – 2 la kil


a product of three six
ima do what i want to do

this that new same sh*t
product of the nuisance
do the crime do the time

uh uh
uh uh uhh
uh uh
uh uh
uh huh uh

(verse 1)
so why not a concert ?
since y’all got the time for this ? wait !
ima rap bout my mind today (ima rap bout my mind)
i been thinkin all kinda sh*t and days ! (yeah)
all bout the visual ifs sending in
member my ignorance sit wit myself
alone in this honda parked unconscious
sub the conference constant (mama)
mama i dearly promise
i conquer my fears in conquest
and i got the sauce duck
it’s at ya !
obama might fear us in office
dumber i sum up the parliaments problems government laws
are far from justice
what’s this subject substance
suddenly fill your ears
i’m busta (bust it)
the economies robbed
they saying robots
are taking our jobs from us
oh and the mexicans
whatever day or the weather
i’m making a way for my daisy
fragrance flowers i smell em
i tell em no way !
the fire i got to cremate it (cray)
karma the iron the carbon the amen (aye)

when i let go
of all control
i found that i could
hear my soul
u want to know ??? (sing)
what it sung
what it told me ?
move to mood
don’t lose your cool
rules to rule
this tomb to womb
eh womb to tomb

it’s all behind me
its gone can’t find it

i lost i found it

i fell in love wit a process

7 in the morn

i’m on journey

paying it off
return it
burning it bathing
in bate ain’t a race
ain’t no way i could take off
i’m caged in

i’m caged in
i’m caged in
i’m caged in
i’m caged in
gon unleash me
lies lies i don’t really
want to see it
in the news on the tube
365 to the weekend
i control my mind and body
in the soul sky and cosmic

(verse 2)
raising it
baby i take it to
nother level erasing
several occasions
back when the waves
on the cap & no chaser
telling me bae ain’t no rap
and no way the county
could trace all the bag of the way min
tagging me
tagging they name
they telling me doubt
than that lace on
the lag or the lack of
your cadence
not on attract that i track
in layman’s terms
i could turn up the rinse & rake in
since i don’t bent on the rent and acres
listen i been on my ten ima make it
to beat out the men theycan’t win
ima lead in the path with my vision
i just want all of my elohim
to get gain
again gain and again

i untrap all my slum
i untrap all my dogs
i’m the master the moor (yuh!)
please to meet you liberation
thank god for freedom
kingdom lead my people