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lirik lagu street – 21 lil harold


keep, keep, keep that skreet (skreet)
(nico, nico), skreet n*gga
you know i’m a skreet n*gga, yeah, yeah
the question is, is you a skreet n*gga? (skreet)
’cause i’m a skreet n*gga (skreet)
skreet, skreet, skreet

[verse 1]
hold up, i got money in my pocket
b*tch, you bummy, you ain’t got nuttin’ in your wallet (hold up)
i got my gat gun, try me, n*gga, we gon’ get to blasting
more bags in, where the cash then?
we gon’ rob him, no mask then
[?], i was rapping
but i’m doin’ it now, i’ma make it happen
i was robbin’ n*gga, at the age of thirteen
we was starving n*gga, i wanted to get this money green
don’t wanna argue n*gga, on my motherf*cking team
i’m a starting player, you a b*tch, [?] n*gga, you gon’ sit there

skreet n*gga, skreet n*gga
skreet n*gga, you a b*tch, weak n*gga (21)

[verse 2]
yeah, growing up to be a skreet n*gga
one thing i know, we kept our heat n*gga
and when it was time to slide, we gon’ eat n*gga
n*ggas talk like they skreet n*ggas but really be some weak n*ggas
every time we got beef, they hide n*gga
we be thuggin’ in the skreets, come outside, b*tch
y’all heard ’bout it, real skreet n*gga
catch me in a four wit [?] n*gga
cj, real skreet n*gga
[?], real skreet n*gga
[?], eat the beat n*gga
chevy, he a skreet n*gga
skreet, p*ssy
f*ck n*gga, zone 6, rich n*gga