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lirik lagu 27 – 21 pence


[verse one]
i’m staring into the distance, thinking of decisions
i’m just sad a lot, i just don’t know why to be honest
i just sit and cut my wrist from being depressed
i find it hard to live in life, getting a love of my life is much harder
my life is getting much darker as the days go, the hours and minutes, the seconds
i’m just finding the right path to walk on
i’m running from my demons, it’s like i’m running a marathon
i feel like a c*ck, f*ck the writer’s block
as i’m thinking, will i live to 27, will i ever see beyond
i’m just confused a lot now
i just can’t figure out why
will somebody please show me how

will i ever live to 27
will i ever live to 2024
i just don’t know

[verse two]
sitting here in the dark
life can be hard, but it isn’t easy for anyone
everyone comes to a hard time in their life
i just sit back, mind crack, in my mind i can hear a tap
have ya ever lost a lot of people in your life and have struggles with relationships?
i have and i am expressing it at the moment, my heart opened
i can’t cope and i am feeling down but i’m going to listen to jokes, it’ll make me happy
i am happy, when i can be but at times things become sad for me
will i ever live to 27
will i ever live to 2024
i just don’t know

[verse three]
i never knew life would be so hard, even ever since the world stood still
with the coronavirus crisis
bringing in the darkness, black clouds over my heads
i ain’t the only one who is feeling this way, a lot more are
covid*19 took a toll on a lot of people in this world
sometimes you just turn a bit mad because you feel so sad
that’s how i’m describing how i’m feeling at the moment
right now, i’m just thinking of becoming happier
fears that my depression might take a toll on me, even worse when i turn 27

[hook 4x]
will i ever live to 27
will i ever live to 2024
i just don’t know