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lirik lagu don’t wanna rap – 2gramcam


who that trell?

just bought a rollie and f-cked the bezzle up
you trap out the m’s, boy you need to step it up
i get in the kitchen whip, yeah i chef it up
ship out the [?]
pack land, gotta go hit the port
and i’m having them babies, i don’t pay no child support
i bundle the dope, send it up north
ask me if im really trappin, n-gg- of course
choppa gone kick back like a horse
just pulled up to the party, hop out the porsche
i really getting money, this ain’t no rap cap
i like the trap, i gave it a double tap
real plug, got pounds like a [?]
burning up trees down, like a forest
you cross me, you gonna pay for it
i got the trap beat makin noise
i f-ck up the trap, make it look easy
i pull up and shoot, im michael beasley
run to your trap, find the dope, seize it
banana clip, i’m trap [?]
i walk out the trap like i was the beattles
take the p-ssy home, beat it
you ain’t gonna do it, you just gonna tweet it
im sendin the dope to another region
i find the bank, i go hit the [?]
i walk in that b-tch, imma make deposits
choppa sweep ‘em like a broom out the closet
yous not a trappa n-gg- yous a flodger
i like to travel, my bullets be larger
im runnin the trap like i was a jogger
100 rounds, no way you gone dodge it
i put it in the air like a pelican
7.62’s takin down an elephant
i got trap etiquette, i make it look elegant
gotta watch who you servin, n-gg-s they be tellin
just send me your addy, you know that i mail it
can’t f-ck with these n-gg-s, all they do is cap
hop in the foreign, im making it lap
b-tches crazy to sleep, make her take a nap
i wanna sell pounds, i don’t wanna rap