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lirik lagu the night and its terrors – 2mygrave


[verse 1: surge]
tell me where we at
te*tell me where it’s at
i need bodies in my bag
i need bodies and the xans
with the f*ckin’ flow, stupid little hoe
reppin’ overdose, you should really know, where i f*ckin’ go
i don’t even know but i’m dyin’ in the snow ’cause i need it for the low
stupid hoe, blow my phone
swarmin’ the bodies like zombies
i hope that i’m breathing, it feels like i’m dying
lungs [?] ash in my blunts
they keep [?] when i’m pullin’ the pump
k!lled all my verses, i’m slumpеd
now i’m shook with the medicine, holdin’ mе up
wait for yo’ life to combust
when i’m leadin’ my army, i’m stuck in the mud
[verse 2: lxwlife]
re*up on the mags, loaded, pull it back
safety off the xans, [?]
styrofoam to the dome, got the hydras for the low
up a 4, i blow that smoke, now to my zone, i take that sou;
[?] a life, i don’t really give a f*ck
got me whippin’ up the knife when i’m boutta f*ckin’ cut
swimmin’ in the ash, got me drownin’ in the mud
when i roll another backwood, when i roll another blunt
slith’ through the dark, b*tch, i’m cold as an arctic
these pills lookin’ harmless, i’m waitin’ regardless, aye