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lirik lagu the last dance – 2nd string


it’s kinda funny how we met that day
it felt so good in every way
and now i’m far away from you

you were better than every girl
you know you rocked my world
and now i wish that i stayed true

you stole my heard
and i deserved it

i’m never gonna feel that way
i’m never gonna disobey again
i’m never gonna get another chance
to save the last dance

it’s kinda funny how you left me here
i am sincerely sorry
and now i don’t know what to do.

i’m running on an empty tank
my mind went blank last night
and now you’re telling me we’re through.



if i had known
what i know now
i wouldn’t have acted that way.
please take me back.
i know i can try
to listen to what you say

chorus (x2)