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lirik lagu 1 morning – 2ru3


i’m only trying to do my very best
every morning that i wake up i pray to the lord and then i ask for him to guide my steps

so i don’t be deemed falling, in ways that i don’t even really need to be partner
’cause honestly, i’m really trying to be reaching something

achieving something, in my life i’m trying to be succeeding brother

wanna be that one of those known to really shine, trying to be helping other people recognize in this life you ain’t gotta live a lie

my name 2ru3 (true) for a reason, cause truth be the only thing in my rhymes in which i try to be speaking
and try to be releasing, hoping that it encourage somebody to do better things in the life they seeing

never be that one continually fumbling, even though in life it seem i may be stumbling

bubbling, is what i’m trying to be having
i don’t know bout all ya’ll, but i know what it is, i’m taking action