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lirik lagu itz juxx wut it iz – 2shanez


i get what i want ima go head in and grab that
you’re not what i want ima send you right the f*ck back
that b*tch taking videos of her p*ssy on snapchat
i get to the money that b*tch said she really like that
i can sell you 3 pills for like 3 bills you don’t get taxxed
i just sold a quarter ounce of shrooms but it’s a bad batch
stop that boy ?
pistol to his head i gave his goofy ass a night cap

if you pull up on me i won’t even try and fight back
cause this glock up on me i bet you won’t try and fight that
now your family crying cause you’re fighting for your life back
it’s just what it is sometimes sh*t just ends up like that
i can’t do these percs no more so i can never relax
i gave my b*tch ecs and now she wet just like a sea bass
this b*tch sucking so much d*ck that she done hurt her kneecaps
i’d be lying if i said i didn’t wanna relapse



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