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lirik lagu monster [remix] (warm up #1) – 360


tiktok bars, video shoots and sh*t
ayy, yeah

see, the monsters have landed, arriving within
now the veil’s been lifted, they’re finally in
seein’ strange sh*t gettin’ in the mind of all us
and even stranger things gettin’ in the mind of the kids
you know this be sixty, diss me, miss me
only rotation on your disc be a frisby
push ’em to their limits if they ever come and diss me
testin’ out their top, it’s only natural it fits me
you should know my history, knowin’ that i run amok
chuckin’ all them numbers up, never feel i’ve done enough
bro, i’m from the top; you can see that i ain’t f*ckin’ done
pullin’ up a seat and gettin’ ready for that number one
i’m a monster
how’s that?