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lirik lagu 333 – 3am


b-tch, yuh
yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh

aye, baby bout to fill with purple
piracks on me straight from versal
got real n-ggas in my circle
boy that ak it gone hurt you

what the f-ck do ya mean
b-tch i can’t understand
frontal field, we gone runs
b-tch, i got the upper hand
cause i give like 0 f-cks
little b-tch that’s how i am
yeah she say she like my swag
yeah she saying that i’m different

yeah she f-ckin with my pimpin
fans like, n-gga had to get it
n-gga, wipe you with a semi
bad b-tch with me but she petty
beat it up, i know you ready
n-ggas cappin bout the fetti
n-ggas capping and i know it
no emotion never sober [woah, woah]

baby go and buss some more
we got drake in the smoke
bad b-tch with me, drop it low
hundreds on me she like, woah
smoking on some good exotic
so that pack made me some profit
hundreds made lil shawty pop it [woah, woah]

got some [?] i dropped it
got some -ss on the rims
need some cash need it fast
need a backwood roll the fat
need an asian hoe whos bad
doesn’t care about my packs
for the pocket lil n-gga we spend

n-ggas be p-ssy and hard for the gram
n-gga we sober, that paint can in hand
n-ggas gon envy and always be mad
i don’t give f-cks cause i am who i am
got all my exes i’m chasing some bands
b-tches be crazy and n-ggas be fans
always gone hate and i don’t understand
n-ggas got fake cause they wanna seem bad [woah, woah]

got all this cash and i cannot, um, stop
n-ggas cap, they ain’t gon stop
50round and b-tches mop
n-ggas really talk too much
so i can’t really cannot, um, trust
keep my bands beside the hush
while i count up all these funds

aye (yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh)