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lirik lagu partyrider. – 3n!


[intro: mxna]
grr, gbo, gbo gbo
smoke everywhere, smoke everywhere, run o (eniola, do you know you’re a goat)
gen gen, ehn ehn ehn
woioi, ah (that sound’s sketchy)

[verse: mxna]
fix up look sharp when i enter (enter)
all about bread, chilling with like 4 to 5 girls
soon to buy benz, goons everywhere from orile to festac
e don cast (ayy)
last last everybody go chop breakfast
e never too tey when i start to dey get am
set awon bebelube (gang)
anywhere the money dey na there me i plaster (plaster)
walk in my shoes, take a mile in my canvas (f*ck)
my lyrics dey “wow” them like painting for canvass (eh eh)
ekwensu romance, mami water
i really like you but you’re giving me tough time
baby girl, jekama kurumaga
swim in your p*ssy like barracuda
oroma baby samankwe for me
if you no mind make i add am makosa
baby come closer
shawty wear pink we dey knack am for sofa, these n*ggas ain’t serious
motion boyz to the world and the universe flow mysterious (heh)
got all the fine girls curious (grr)
got all the bad boys furious
they wanna know how (how)
how does he flow so calm (calm how)
how does he make it look like a walk in the park (how)
me i’m a rarity, me i’m a unicorn
the kinda n*gga to discover mungo park (mungo park)
me i no dey under*understand
if you do me bad thing i go do my own back
defending my block like van de sar (van de sar)
alagbara like rob van dam (rob van dam)
comment tu t’appelle?, abi, comment c’ava?
pour smoke everywhere like altar server
using my music to do my advert
indian man, surya kant (hey)
we didn’t have much but we did it like that (wey my berretta?)
haters are waiting for me on the road but i jump and pass
wey my beretta?
fall off never, anyhow you want am give you you like that (eh, grr)
somebody want to wear shoe wey no size am (woah)
feeling like sniper, e go too late by the time you realize am
me, i be signs and wonders, paul and silas (paul and silas)
any small thing, i don carry my cutlass
me and my paranoid sef don de converse
feeling like bojack horseman (ah)
cooking up the rhythm like a diligent chef
hilda baci still dey learn from my side
when i was, i*i was about to start, i was about to cry
but when i*i*i do it, i, erm, enter it
i, see, it was very sweet
hei! it*it is sweet than everything

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