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lirik lagu 3.5 – (40) samurai


i don’t roll with h-lla brehs, we can get this beef done anywhere, best play cards right no solitaire, and watch what you say if your coming here, my line rings for a reason, i still link the shot if its freezing, i might hit the spot and get peas in, then 40 bop when im leaving, like f-ck all the talk, lets go nab him, way too chatty you know i’ll stab it, do it like [?], feds tryna get me and stopping my trapping, stil in the bando im trapping and rapping, [?], see me a opp i stop and i wrap it, this beef ain’t getting deaded, shank right where your head is, then straight ot im heading, im getting him down no questions, man know who im on no mention, fill up the ting with led, and i ain’t tryna say your name in a track cah soon your gonna be dead, f-ck all your team you’ll all get c sectioned like you ain’t on meds, i done it i’ll do it again, i just bought a new toolie again, i just [?] to susie and ben, im [?] and men, and the scorpion knife don’t sting, i just hit your block with the bells to the top we just tryna let it all ring, i just hit your block with the bells to the top we just tryna let it all go, and i built me a line and i bought me a strap so right now everythings sho, and i bought me a [?] cah more time i [?] but man gotta stay composed, and cuzzy said im f-cked in the head with my talent i should do road, f-ck that sh-t ive made my p from things ive sold, im in love with the trap not b-tches, cah all this money is all i know, and big up my older l, one phone call ill shoot for bro