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lirik lagu reservoir dogs [remix] – 4fins


[intro: johniepee, mini coop, clue & joey maker]
“sup fellas, how you doin’ today?”
“hungover”, “hungry”, “beautiful, mate!”
“time to heat this up, no cosby sweater
the syndicate’s back, we don’t know no better”
“we need dad bod, pt, the hugest dudes” (the f-ck, man?)
“may as well bring along cooper too”
“sun’s down”, “now the boys can play”
“guns out”, “f-ck, john, put ’em away”

[verse 1: mini coop & clue]
yo, my crew’s on some crazy sh-t
shut up, coop, we all know you a lazy b-tch
dude, chill, i’m just playin’ the part
especially if we wanna impress pez and drapht

[verse 2: johniepee, joey maker & clue]
lemme pen this drapht, johnie recard, he’s the king of the bars
four sharks in the reservoir
we saved the best for last
(where the f-ck’s pez gone?) i guess coop can start

[verse 3: mini coop]
now we thought this crew should pull
a remix imitating all the usual fools
so i broke into pez’s like, “homie, i’ma use the pool
and help myself to some muesli too, cool?”

[verse 4: johniepee]
yeah, when i heard the word “foot bath”
i didn’t get it but it gave me a good laugh (what?)
but then i bought me a foot bath
with the little fish and when they nibble on my foot, ah

[verse 5: joey maker]
rule of thumb
never be the one to open up a can of bourbon
’cause before you get a word in
i’ll be on the road to yours half drunk while i’m swervin’
(hi clue)

[verse 6: clue]
new track alert
boys so underground that we down to earth
do i have to go now? too busy doing a raid bro
clue in rage mode, i got ’em quitting the game though

[verse 7: mini coop]
i’m like outkast except i sound parched
thanks, now bring me a girl with a round -rs-
they telling me i’m g-ssed up
so i hit the studio and mixed a loud fart on my sound card
guess i came here to change it up
it’s like all your christmases came at once
i got a gift when i rap plus a presence to match
me and santa out here gettin’ blazed as f-ck

[verse 8: clue]
man, i feel awful, got pretty mortal
guess i shoulda known i’d feel that in the morning
i don’t need portals, thanks for the gun, seth
but i’m watching star trek, tryna figure out teleporting
(beam me up, johnie), i mean it’s not all bad
got ’em putting 4 fins in their hashtag (yeah)
time to forfeit the napsack
’cause they saw through me doing this for a cash grab

[verse 9: johniepee]
it’s soundin’ like you’re on some powdered sh-t
coop’s looking little shifty
joey’s in the corner, the fetal position
and clue’s been tryna learn to waltz like disney
yes, i guess i can adjust, but lay off the drugs please
sad sacks whenever you pop one
don’t turn me to mad max with a smile shotgun (bang)

[verse 10: joey maker]
knead to get the bread dough
money ain’t a thing ’til you’re broke with your head low
man, it seems like half of the cash
pays for the rent, ‘nother half for the tax (f-ck it bro)
you ain’t gonna be sh-t, some’ll tell you
man, f-ck that, it’s lies they wanna sell you
look at us: had to summon up the hunger levels
four of us together now we’re coming out with somethin’ special

[verse 11: clue]
when i heard the beat on i said “turn it up”
so n-body can say that they ain’t heard of us
sipping earl grey t and we murder hugs
you better add ’em all together and the word is thugs

[verse 12: joey maker & johniepee]
(sick drums) you’re a mad dog, coop
cruising round yelling like mad dog do (mad dog)
if hater wanna talk, walk in my shoes
but you’ll never be getting to fit in my sixteens dude

[verse 13: mini coop, clue, johniepee & joey maker]
last shot, and the boys won’t be sober
coop, pretty please can i sleep on your sofa?
i’ma take two of everything like noah
bro, can you p-ss the remote, ’cause it’s so far
the four sharks, swimmin’ up in your courtyard
forecast: time to give your girlie a hall p-ss
yo dj, here’s a line to scratch
sh-t, we probably should’ve hired a guy for that

[chorus: mini coop, clue, johniepee & joey maker]
that’s right, guess who’s up in the mix?
there might be one other time you’ve heard something like this
n-body knows our name and we’re basically sh-t
so just give us your likes and we’ll keep taking the p-ss