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lirik lagu intro – 4xsunny


intro: ( mane, b*tch we dem f*cking gang members mane. whole lotta that 700 sh*t) ( gang , uh)
young n*gga tote that iron he onna block with dem k!llers
strapped up with that 9 you know that he drug dealing
abandoned child been so alone he ain’t got him no feelings
watch yo back these n*ggas slime all these cold cold k!llings, all these cold cold k!llers, know they say he the realest
i’m feeling that i ain’t the same cause b*tch i know that i’m different. i’m in my lane stay in yo lane because this sh*t can get wicked, up with the tool unload the clip and better hope that you hit em
sh*t go down up in the souf they say they know who done did it, know if we spot em then we got em but i ain’t gon speak onnat business
rather get caught up with this tool then become another f*cking victim, i told that b*tch shut the f*ck up and when i speak better listen
all of my n*ggas on go, know that we straight from that four, heat of the moment protect yo potnas b*tch yo ass better blow
we onna block getting low, 12 runnin all through the store, my circle tight it’s members only cause most these n*ggas gon fold
she say i’m a youngin most these n*ggas they ain’t f*cking wimme gettin money a real n*gga told that b*tch to come n f*ck up wimme
all them times that i done f*cked up momma say she ain’t love a n*gga
n*ggas b*tches, b*tches hoes that’s really why i ain’t f*cking with em. don’t tell me you love me youon mean it, told her i know she gon leave me
(gun c*cks)
glock 9 up on my hip i’m posted po with them demons
innem bushes we creeping hope this p*ssy n*gga don’t see me, i bang that crip when this b*tch blow b*tch we gon see how you bleedin
i’m posted up with them thugs, know some n*ggas bang bloods, you gettin money i’m getting money that’s why i f*ck with you thug
money gettin ass n*gga only this money i love, don’t tell me bout that b*tch cause b*tch ion really give me no f*cks
outro: (on gang)