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lirik lagu bump dat street mix – 50 cent


[tony yayo]
new sh-t
tony yayo, 50 cent c’mon

[hook: 50 cent]
bump dat
n-gg-s try to stunt on my click
then when i get on that sh-t
i bring it to ’em where they pump at
12 gauge mashberg
no sh-ll in the head
before you put in work, you gotta pump that
you done hit a n-gg- with it and you runnin to polices
come and take my advice, n-gg-, dump that
this is serious, these rap n-gg-s, i’m just havin fun with it
50 cent, n-gg-, bump dat

[50 cent]
my son ask “daddy why carry a gun, you ain’t a cop”
looked at him and said “sometimes you gotta shoot or get
wanna go to show-and-tell and show the cl-ss my glock?
show ’em the clip
show ’em the beam
show ’em how daddy lean
in the convertible jag
22 inch mags
for a high school drop out, sh-t, that ain’t bag
i’m not a blood or a crip, i’m doing my own thang
sh-t, i done started my own gang
i don’t go that funny dance
i don’t throw gang signs
but i’m a gangsta to the core so i stay with a nine
think all i do is rap, then you don’t know me good
have smurf hangin out the sun roof to light up your hood, man
cause lethal ain’t never seen blaco comin’
but if he did . you think he woulda started runnin?
and i move with the doublemint twins and two macs
and leave you flat your back
take that


[tony yayo]
i gotta half a mil deal with no diploma
ice so blind it give your -ss glaucoma
its hard to live, but its easy to die
so i’m going through life lookin death in the eye
these rappers ain’t gun slingers
they r&b singers
g-unit, come thru with some guerilla n-gg-s
minimum wage ain’t gonna pay the rent
cause the seats in the coupe got the fendi print
and this sh-t right here for the listeners pleasure
i’m still on the strip with the fifth and my ever
its t-o-n-y
stay with a semi
milk your crack spot – till the sh-t be bone dry
you think you pump hard? n-gg- i pump harder
my phone ring so much, i walk around with the charger
when the d’s come around, i’ma swallow my crack
sh-t the work out later, and hit ’em with that
if it’s a direct sale
i’ma change the bill
tryin to push the new range cause they changed the grille
look n-gg- we icey thugs
we stay with them things so we stay with some nike gloves


[tony yayo]
just havin fun with this rap sh-t, man
it never stops
my man 50 done put out, what, three alb-ms on the street?
and y’all ain’t even hear the new sh-t
just keep goin’ and goin’ and goin’
motherf-ckin’ duracell battery
it never stops
word up
sha money xl