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lirik lagu ghetta dough – 7 dollars


this ghetta dough

[verse 1]
winning my p-ssion
there ain’t no distraction
drip on my fashion
you know i be blasting
we in the group
you know i’m the star
with the troops
songs on loop
we going through the tunnel
he gonna catch theese knuckles
we in a jungle
i’m the king of it like we in brooklyn
the kitchen i be whipping i’m cooking
i stay out looking
my song be knocking
wearing my stocking
they used to be mocking

[verse 2]
now i could just say they copying
no need for study we came out the muddy
me and my buddy
im a g*nius
shout out my boy from phoenix
me and issac
we fly like a pilot
nothing is new to me
no need to be excited
and if i am no need to fight it
i reunite it
we slipping like we on a slide
i don’t need a guide
i like it cooked
its fried
pizza peperoni
do not claim you know me or own me

[verse 3]
or know me
i’m going out like a g named tony
you a phony
don’t always do people like alexa
you gotta get yo own treasure
we call you up like skype
i got water i’m changing the pipes
i’m great really really really loving life