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our halo, god king: holy trinity - ​777forevermore lyrics


d*mn, my pockets flood, that boy got sh*t, that boy ain’t nun’
like a bean he get popped, he get dots for acting fraud
turn them dreads to a f*cking mop, ar*p gon’ change the odds
like d*mn, he dead as f*ck, now his ho want to f*ck
well, sh*t, yeah, you’re a cuck, broke boy, go count some bucks
my halos t me up, flexed up like cm punk
get shot, that’s one pump, my shooter come in and clean him up
like d*mn, that sh*t ain’t nun, pockets fat, my pockets flood
i think little bro a bean, yeah, we went and popped him up
bleeding through the seams, i think we had shot him up
yeah, that ho, shе too green, i couldn’t even pull up
like what thе f*ck you mean? i’m not gon’ push up?
my gang up in the pit doing push ups
pop out with that stick and make him sit up
walk him to his ditch and make him sit, ah

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