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lirik lagu zay and blake pt1 – 785cash



it was zay and blake, they was brothers, locked into the end
if you seen blake, then you seen zay, like they ken
if you seen zay and blake schedule, you think they were twins
if zay had beef, like a dj, blake tryna spin
n*ggas know blake ’round the city, ’cause he love to get it in
he usually spread, squeeze, but he get lethal with his hands
zay on the other*hand, was mellow, like to count bands
he love them clubs and them hoes, and kept a b*tch that was a ten
and hе just bought a chain it was two times ten
they wеre young doing this sh*t, they were two times ten
zay say, “blake, i’m done doin’ hand*to*hands”
blake say, “whatever you do zay, then you know i’m in”
zay say, “i got a plug, and them hoe things in”
next thing you know, they were gettin’ them hoe things in
this when sh*t got real, they had to get active in that field
it was some old n*ggas, on the south, swiping custo’
they don’t know who they f*ckin’ with, ’cause blake cutthroat
and zay wanna see them n*ggas body on the flo’
zay and blake play it smart, they started spyin’ on the lo’
blake say, “when we know they every move, it’s a go”
zay say, “on god, you ain’t gotta say no mo'”
now they see they whip every friday around four
zay and blake loaded up, they n*ggas in that minivan
they don’t do no handguns, only dracs’ in that van
they pulled up in the south and they got real low
zay say to blake, “on god, n*gga, i can’t wait to blow”
blake say, “on god, n*gga, this sh*t on green, it’s a go”
that clock tickin’, it’s gettin’ closer to four
n*ggas in the back gettin’ nervous and they sweatin’ on the lo’
blake noticin’ and he say, “them n*ggas b*tches on the lo'”
zay say, “on the g, n*ggas on b*tches on the lo’, always talkin’ that k!ller, talkin’ to us, it’s time to go”
it turn four, blake like, “where them n*ggas at bro?”
zay like, “it’s probably traffic, why them n*ggas movin’ slow”
they gave ’em ten more minutes, it’s 4:10 on the dot
blake like, “it’s like they skipped work, they still a no*show”
next thing they know, an amg come flyin’ down the street
two n*ggas, two chops, them b*tches big as a tree
5.56s in they clips tryna put teddy bears on a tree
zay and blake get to clutchin’, it’s bullets everywhere in the street
one of the n*ggas in the back yell, “them n*ggas hit me!”
blake smashed off from the scene, on his way to the ‘spital
n*ggas in the back tryna make sure they n*gga good
he say, “if i don’t make it, make sure my kids and mama good”
zay in front seat, clutchin’ on his heat
he keep yellin’, “how the f*ck i let these n*ggas do this to me?!”

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