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lirik lagu don’t matter [emotional price range] – 7×3=21


i’m not fine (nope), peace of mind stuck at a stop sign
besides rhymes, i feel like there’s holes in my plot line
caught trying to make the devil promise he’d stop lying
calm as i am, probably seems like that i’m not trying
my triumph is i’m a master of odd science
not god or highness, nor am i a peasant or a tyrant
i rather spend my time writing
words awe inspiring
searching my whole environment, rewiring my wiring
hoping you all admiring…
this methodical musical meditation..
therma’s audio innovation… (therma music!!)
with drum placement adjacent to cutting and pasting
in terms of relations, i guess i’d say i lеarn from patience
i yearn for days whеn sun shines down on my frayed skin
amen, cause most men thrive as they sin
tasting success must feel so amazing
so i imagine. that evil is ancient
that’s just a fraction, this ain’t just rapping…
a warning something’s about to happen
that’s not surprising unless your brains been bound for napping
the sounds of the madness, the music that compounds my sadness
(music sadness…)
go round the planet, feet touch down on ground and granite
mind gets grounded, never let my soul get stranded
my strict standards ensure my rhymes are all a bit slanted
i spit candid, and still they rip van it (still they sleep)
i don’t panic, just add another color to the canvas
for the some the plan is focus on the now like cameras
focus on what matters, plus flows and patterns
i guess you gathered, those who don’t get it, don’t even matter
they don’t even matter
they don’t even matter
it’s a paradox, yet all the same like a pair of clocks
a scary thought, like city streets with barren blocks
i’m sharing lots of feelings, i’m planning some daring plots
when love is lost, doesn’t always mean the caring stops
an apparent loss, the pain doesn’t seem to wearing off
staring off in the distance, calculating inherent costs
but i guess in the end….it all matters not