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lirik lagu 118.2437°w – 80purppp


(verse 1)
take a trip with me to the oasis, deserted hospitality to rival only vegas, the confidence to say this, two shots in this to make it, so let me keep it frank enough to tell you that i’m shameless

(verse 2)
i wish this could be painless, my mental’s only stainless, the steel it took to take you here the same that make me heinous, the same to make me famous, i’m thinking but i’m brainless, you sayin that i’m playing all these games so where the game is

(verse 3)
i really f*ckin hate it, the way you f*ckin say sh*t, i’m giving you my heart and all i am so you could take it, or you could even fake it, but please don’t frosted flake it, was runnin after love before my ankle broke you sprained it

i can’t help but feel like it’s an ordinary world, i pack my books inside my bag, i go to class, but never heard enough, i heard nothing, but then i heard something