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lirik lagu 34.0522°n – 80purppp


(verse 1)

so 80 can you really spit? that’s a question for your girl who really likes this sh*t, that’s a question for the world meanwhile you cry in it, as the depression swallows whole your life and pride with it

(verse 2)

swear i could die with this, no clinton i ain’t lyin b*tch, grab your lewinski and epstein, and get clean, before the 1% blast you within a jet stream, i’m in la what a place to get re*reflecting, i feel like jimmy and carl before they met sheen

(verse 3)

the skin before all the cocoa b*tter and hemp sheen, i hear relenting, among my brothers, siblings sisters becoming mothers, say it won’t happen to them until they become the others, i’m in the suburbs, dunkaroos in my f*cking cupboard, this ain’t religion, call me different or call me hubbard, it ain’t the summer, working weekends a f*cking bummer, might get her number, f*ck her later but never love her, i’ll never cuff her

(verse 4)

probably cause i could never trust her, she know i’m lying, cause she know she can find another, i ain’t no buster, hot dog toppings without the mustard, the strength i muster, muster the strength, they said i’m always only singing, i come for they heads, they said it’s bars i’m only bringing, find comfort in this, they say i’m harder than some gingerbread left by the sink, i get it tatted on my wrist with some very rare ink