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lirik lagu 3am – 9:5 records


yeah, that’s good, that’s good
actually bruh, i’ma stand up

bow motherf-cker, you peasants, you ain’t stopping this madness
take your b-tch, i do the t while i bone her with dominance
i confess, i be katniss with the hunger in this game
i’m a creature, f-cking savage, you won’t ever get to tame
a man like me, better get on your knees
the sadness pouring like acid, my heart like swiss cheese
broken up to pieces, the demons are being pleased
why f-cking k!ll me if i’m already deceased?
done a buncha sh-t that my mind, my heart regret
can’t contain the feeling of wanting to cause a fit
blade on my wrist like -ss-ssin’s creed i slit
ain’t murdering anybody, but myself, i can’t dip
feel the fire burning, i let my blood drip
while the sh-t clouds my mind, i’m taking up all the hits
causing a d-mn ruckus, soul up in a riot
wouldn’t be f-cking here if there wasn’t so many liars
at this rate, i can’t compensate, i be asking if i’m ever close to reachin’ heaven’s gates, but i ain’t
b-tch i contemplate, how i’ll change my fate, but i’m bit too late
race motherf-cker, my heart can’t keep the pace
demons’ chasing like jason, i’m voorhees up in this state but i fight like i’m jason statham, tell the devil i’ll f-cking rape him, suicide and joy are adjacent in my head it’s full of d-mn hatred, in my heart i feel so abandoned
from the start i was a lamb for the slaughter, ever since i lost my father
doing some dumb sh-t, i wouldn’t let myself falter
none of it d-mn worked, it made my life even harder
then one f-cking day, got the tears from my mother
i just wanna change for the better not the worse
but it seems like i can’t cuz i’m put up in a curse
loss of d-mn words, lost some d-mn people in my life
3 a.m., spoken my mind, uh