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lirik lagu 1 m1nute freestyle – 9iodine



i ain’t in the mood to have a mood swing
check yourself out, i’m doing my own thing
if you want your life go fight for it
hit your forehead, chest left right
get over me, cause i’m winning
for all u f*cking demons
screaming at me to drop
this one goes out to you motherf*ckers
change the flow up
and they say
what happened to the old you?
i miss that old me too
now i’m off to p*ss all you b*tches off
people trying to be on the same level as me
shrivel up and shrink
think next time for i go off, go off
off to make millions
thrills in my face, just feel myself
my bars’ll hit harder than the belt
scream all u want it won’t help u
voices still in my head
after all that’s been done and said
eyes still go out red