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lirik lagu 26 – a.k. (rapper)


i turn 26 today
16 year old me would have some sh*t to say
’cause he thought by 25
that he’d really be that guy
and he’d figure out his life
and have 25 million in his name like drizzy drake
but hey
i’m still working on my first one
at 17, you fell in love with your first one
at 18, hearts break, it’ll hurt some
by 19, you were just a different person
i wish i could tell you
that every single girl who ever ignored you
sees you turn into the man that you were always meant to be
and adores you
but the way life worked out will probably just bore you
’cause truth is, most of ’em never came around
or by the time they did, it was you who wasn’t down
i know you’ve grown to hate all the drama in your town
but it’s when you move away, those memories gon’ hold you down
you got lost in new york but you finally found your crowd
26 years old and you still don’t have a sound
and maybe you’ll never find it
but the bars i’m writing these days has me reminded
of when it felt exciting
for the past few years i’ve been thinking about
what i have to do now to make my younger self proud
i’ve been holding onto dreams that i had at 17
and doing whatever i could to figure ’em out
but it’s been 9 years and it scares me to say
that maybe my priorities in life might’ve changed
i don’t know if i’m crazy ’bout the idea of fame
and i can’t really pinpoint what i’m hoping to gain
i mean, yeah, i want wealth, like everyone else
but i could make a lot more if i do something else
dreams of girls in bikinis and lamborghinis
have been replaced and all that fake sh*t has lost meaning
see the problem is, half of me wants success
but the other half is scared of what’s gon’ happen when it comes
so half of me always seems to try his best
but what i want at 26 just ain’t the same as 21
see the truth about youth is, it’s wasted on the young
and by the time you realize, your youth is almost done
they used to ask me what i want to be when i grow up
now they ask me what i wanted to be when i was young
if i go back and do it all twice
would i say “f*ck school” and risk it all on the mic?
would i put everything my parents did for me at stake?
’cause what’s the point of what they did if i still have to play it safe?
i get tears in my eyes when i get dms
from brown kids who felt like they never fit in
say they wanna rap like me but they’re still in school
bro you wanna be me? i just wanna be you
i wanna see you win
i wanna see these brown boys on the tv screen
i wanna see these brown girls do some major things
and if seeing me helps you visualize your dreams
i’mma do this sh*t forever ’til i’m out of steam
i’mma rep my homeland that’s on everything
we need to stop fighting over all these petty things
we spent so long tryna’ be somebody else
how ’bout for once, we just f*ckin’ try to be ourselves
how ’bout for once, we feel f*ckin’ proud to be ourselves
how ’bout for once —
take it from me man i turn 26 today
and i spent so much of my time hating myself and hating where i was from
there’s no place in the media for someone like me, you know what i mean?
but i might not be the one to get it poppin’ or whatever
but i might inspire the person who does
so if you’re hearing this
just know that if one of us wins, all of us win
your brothers and sisters are not your competition we’re all on the same mission you know
brown and proud, say it loud and f*ck anyone that makes you feel otherwise
it’s all love, always
f*ck it, i might be the one to get it poppin’ f*ck you