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lirik lagu 44 bars (remix) – a.z.dandi


word to bobby, this rap game man..

verse :
this rap game got me faded man
i swear these industries got me blazin
cause all they do is faking music, love
claiming they help, but they only work for their goals
claiming that it’s all for the music
but, we all know it’s all just an illusion
we all might lose it
we are falling in a deep hole
and don’t you ever tell me to prove it
you can see by yourself, if not
then your listenin to somebody else
who is probably making all this mess
who is probably trying to change your list
pay attention to my words, don’t be careless
in case you don’t know, i die for this
i have painted my future, haters tried to picture it
experience got me learning, some of my homies just wanna live from it
the world got me sayin bad sh-t
bad news became a habit
listening to, if i had, made me go off just like b rabbit
now, let’s talk about who i wanna be
man, i look up to malcom, i just want the world to be free
my message is always to share peace
i want to see the best of me, so i can lead
i don’t want shabbaz ‘s past, i want his future
so don’t you ever judge me untill you see me in your future
and notice that i have a dream just like luther
word to backy, man never care about losers
if i put something in mind, i do it
and if you try to stop me, i got shooters
those are my real homies
the ones who never let me lonely
the ones who ride with me, who take shots for me
who i take shots for’em, and thats honesty
if you want a real friendship, learn loyalty
yeah, loyalty
i was the guy who gives trust alot, now that’s not me
many people hated on me at first, now they are throwing the sign of peace
they wanna make it up, at least
cole world got me actin cold
inspired by him, so i will never sell my soul
grinding all day, you will never see me losing hope
one day, all my tickest are gonna be sold
and that’s my word, to my self
see, i take care of hip hop more than my health
and none of y’all can destroy what i’ve built
the abilities i have, made my enymies split
half of them are lost, the others still wanna get rid of me
one day imma spend my energy
inside of limousine with my homies
celabrtaing life, talking green
i call that, living a dream