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well done - a5h & lil woo lyrics


[intro: a5h]

wait a minute, who dropped a diss? who? (laugh) this is gonna be too easy

[verse 1: a5h]

bold of you to write a track
knowing that i’d clap right back
why you tryna join the beef?
please just go stick to your league
got more hours in that game
than people that know your name
got one trick i call you pony
no bars just cars its so phony
hop into that madden lobby
knowing imma drop your body
post it to my ig story
trust me bro i still ain’t sorry
see me goin bar down, snipe
you still wonder what that’s like
i must have forgot oh wait
you’re still tryna learn to skate
why’d you go dissin’ my crew?
yeah i’m talkin lil woo
shouldn’t have let me in the booth
now it’s time they hear the truth
you talkin bout my poker game?
this right here ‘gon be a shame
your bank roll lower than my blinds
don’t know nothin bout my grind
1.2 we talking milly
please don’t go acting all silly
pleading with us for some money
myself i found that real funny
you calling out 217
is that your chip count currently?
like at the felt when you need told
step down chase, it’s time to fold
i don’t think people know this, but he actually came to me asking for help to make his diss, and he still had the audacity to drop it, that’s crazy

this part go out to my son
hodg the name you better run
hey boy need my windows done
get to work this ain’t for fun
went ‘n asked cam for a favor
now you drive that cute lesabre
tryna be that kendrick feature?
like that? nah you’re just a sleeper
there’s places i could go with this
bring up things, create a rift
this time i’ll be the bigger man
something that’s foreign in your land
i’d say consider this a warning
i can show you tension it’s forming

[verse 2: lil woo]

adlib (lil woo in the booth!)

(call me wah, call me wah, call me wah, call me wah)
(call me wah, call me wah, call me wah, call me wah)

just dropped a hunny bands on a pair of loafers
gonna have to call me carson
while i’m out here committing arson
raf simmons, off*white (yeah)
flexing all day and all night (yuh)

riding through the city, dripped out, soaring
yeah, we balling, you just snoring
boy you want beef, but you just boring

aidan wearing those polos
acting h0m*
polo poppin’ addy, lookin’ oh so bummy
fomo got him actin’, but you ain’t my buddy

blue eyes tellin’ lies, yeah, no surprise
tryna flex them ice*cold eyes, but they just can’t catch my vibe
i’m the one they wanna see, you just a wannabe

we stacking the papers, makin’ dreams reality
living life lavishly, ain’t no formality

flexin’ on nerdz, yeah, that’s the motto
chase and aidan, better hit the lotto
me and ashton, we the ones to follow
flexin’ on y’all, ain’t no time for sorrow

y’all thought you could step to the king
but sorry, lil bro, y’all ain’t got a single thing
(tongue roll with shots)

[verse 3: a5h]

(rlsa finals sample)

let me educate you now
wait applaud after my bow
call me the goat drop the se
not a phone still luxury
said you’d put me in a he*rs*
could hardly even hear your verse
you thought we’d bop and say “yuh”
came down with otorrhagia
you seemed to mix up rap and mumble
its okay sometimes we fumble
drop the ball, lose the puck
bad equity you outta luck
remind you of that final series
still upset you lost to me
etched engraved in history

cup check we ain’t talking hockey
3*1 you just too c*cky
lost again you do it best
may as well put you to rest
i think you’re just out chasing clout
what was our first track about?
it wasn’t you i’ll tell you that
now you asked for an attack
won’t go halfway we just cook
dive right in and get you shook
your tracks and disses i don’t fear it
your lines they all incoherent
seems to me you opened fiverr
and just hired some ghost writer
oh hey by the way
your feature seems a little g*y

[outro: lil woo]

i bet everyone at da square dance ‘gon love ‘dis one

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