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lirik lagu i’d do anything – aaron carter


i’d do anything

i’d do anything for you
we’ve had our good times and bad
baby what is sad
i miss you girl
oh yes i do
now that you’re gone …away
it’s hard for me to say
i miss you girl
oh yes i do
i just want you to know
that the love i have is real
but girl i really want to show you how i feel
i’d do anything
to be with you again
just name the place
and i will be there, i will be there
oh tell me why can’t i
have the one i love
just like the way it used to be
i miss you all of the time
when you were mine
i miss the way it seemed so right
how could i let the girl i love
slip right through my hands
i can’t get you off my mind
i just want to make you happy
i want to make you understand
i need you for my girlfriend
until the very end
oh i miss holding hands and playing games
i get chills when i hear your name ‘cuz i know
it’ll never be the same
i’d do anything
just to be with you
i’ll tell you that i love you
if you want me to
just call my name
and i’ll be there
to let you know how much i care
oh… baby…

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