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lirik lagu soul – empathy – ab


(feat. alori joh & ja vonte’)

[verse 1: ab-soul]
i got seven hundred dollars from my last show
and i would spend it all on you
so baby won’t you fall on through
empathy… empathy…
empathy… empathy…
it’s been a little while since the last time i saw you
what’s up with you and ol’ dude
i hope everything is all cool
empathy… empathy…
empathy… empathy…

[alori joh:]
can you feel, what i feel
when i feel, what i feel
empathy… empathy…

[verse 2: ab-soul]
lady if you would just give me the time
you could just leave all your problems behind
you got a past, but that’s in the past
and we all know that, you can’t press rewind
i understand, where are you and
i lend you a hand, if you wanted mine
pamper you and stand for you
the man to, make everything right

[verse 3: javonte & absoul]
i guess things ain’t going as well as you expected
but baby don’t stress it, i hope you learned a lesson
empathy… empathy…
empathy… empathy…
i tell you i’ve been down that road before
if anyone can fill you then it’s me
so why don’t you let you garments h-t the floor
and let me let you feel me
lights please, lights please
light-skinned, mighty fiesty
all hope, i see, i see
you like me too

[hook: alori joh & ab-soul]
can you feel, i feel, i feel