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lirik lagu release yo shit – abel the man


release this sh*t, n*gga

[verse 1]
fella wants to find out, if i’m still alive
but i’m not, cause i don’t know how to f*cking drive, yet
too afraid of reality
too afraid of modernity
my n, fataly
time flies, days passing by
ain’t recognizing myself getting on the spot
i’m losted and lonely
it’s frozen and snowing
ballin’, no bowling
5’8, ain’t ballin’
yeah man i’m too f*cking short
but brah i swear i can’t release my sh*t
cause i’m to afraid to drop
one day if i’m bout to drop, guess what i’ll probably flop
got knocked out, by the time
it flew and now it f*cks me up
purple blood in my cup
time flies and it sux

[verse 2]
desperate of the fantasy, enjoy your good disease
yеah man h*ll naw, you can’t understand how it could feel
bettеr watch the throne, before i’m coming in your kingdom
before i take the 1st place, get rid of the life of pablo
yeah i know
you full of amphetamine, i swear it has to be
because i saw your face and you look dead to me
mirrors are not what you need
because you can still see your nose
your big fat nose above, up above ego ain’t not what you need the most, cause you think you’re supreme god
you better watch it
better watch your d*ck, before i cut it up and throw it on your face b*tch

“a hundred views ? oh that’s all ?
thought i could have done more !”
but nah, stop dreaming brah
it happened only twice
yeah only twice of thousand people liking all my sh*t
hope they’ll be vibing on this sh*t
hope they’ll be..
hope they’ll be vibing on this sh*t..
(before hope they’ll be) night times it’s freezing’ when we both are going to sleep
night times, believing, hearing deep sounds in my ears
night times, the moon shining on my face, window wide open
cold outside and i can’t sleep, still ain’t the chosen
send mail and i’ll probably send you the beat so you can do the better of yourself