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lirik lagu the world beyond – abigail williams


dwells no man into this infinity
for as the last glow of the sun sets
i feel an affinity towards the unity
between mankind and his divinity

and the y shall live out there lives
like an atom in infinity
void of their true destiny

though all of this holds a globe of significance to the
co-rs- corruption
the two thousand years of false -ssumption

so i gaze to the stars and seek the strange wisdom
of the worlds beyond
empowered by the pulse of the cosmos
to leave this world behind
there is an exit

i see nothing as the last glow of the sun sets
i walk this earth like sand in the wind, drifting on and on
into the years

and they have lived out there lives like atoms in infinity

driven to madness the moon speaks to no one
spheres of darkness perpetual through the aeons and beyond
in the moonlight upon the shoulders of ignorance
they ask us a question
one thousand words
read the writing on the walls