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lirik lagu far from reality – abk (anybody killa)


far from reality

this is how it’s bout to go down, believe it or not, i’m still here
all you haters, time to shed another tear
because i’m back in this b-tch like your mom’s ex boyfriend
all up in your face with some brand new nonsense
diss if you want to, go ahead and take a shot
sooner or later that sh-t goin be squashed
i’m a killa with an att-tude road ragin like a fool
rolling with a family the size of a typhoon

[chorus x2]
we ain’t going away
we ain’t going away (nowhere)
we ain’t going away
we ain’t going away (far from reality)

who you think you f-cking with? this sh-t getting serious
ain’t no time for busted lips, the sh-t i bust will turn you b-tch
turn your back and walk away, keep on thinking that you safe
it’s a small world after all, so i’ll just wait until that day
to pull my heat and lay you out or grab my blade and start to scalp
either way i do not doubt the sweet revenge keeps me around
silently right on your trail, if you live only time will tell
i’ll be there though if you ain’t, so you can see we here to stay

[chorus x2]

all my warriors get loud; make some room up in this crowd
let everyone else around; see how killers put sh-t down
pull it out and let it pop, listen to those bodies drop
let them all lay their in shock, at least now they know we don’t play
everybody recognize i’m not the type to tell you twice
f-ck with me, i guarantee that someone going pay the price
show respect when in the room, i’m killing all that i see though
if you ever did me wrong, then i hope to see you soon

[chorus x4]

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