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lirik lagu trails of tears – abk (anybody killa)


trails of tears

everybody running acting like they don’t know where they going [x6]

as i walk through the trails of life i get so disturbed
so little time with so much to learn
all these faces askin for me to help
but i barely getting through this myself
that why i’m here writing
poor man’s therapy put your pain to words
make it all fit together just to share it with the world
that’s why some people just don’t understand
cause my rhymes are like a puzzle that they mind can’t comprehend
but that’s the path they chose, the lonely road,
where the street signs read your now out of control
not me though, i’m in it for the long haul
so i’ma f-ckin make it, even if i have to crawl
i’m not the type that wants to learn from mistakes
so every chance i get i think of moves to make
i’m underestimated but i’m still here
cause the name of the trail i’m on is have no fear

[chorus x2]
(as i walk through)
which way do i go, which way do i go, which way do i go, which way do i go, follow me
(these trails of tears)

are you lost? do you know which way to go?
the path your on, is it fast or is it slow?
is it everything that you always dreamed?
or is it just little more than what it seems?
are you headed on the one that fits?
or do you wish you could go back and switch it up right quick?
now i mean right is in the right path
but quick is in a hurry for them slow motherf-ckers who always act like they don’t hear me
this is my last attempt for your attention, any more wasted time will just be a failed mission
if you ain’t down, why even mention my name
tryin to hate on me cause of your own self shame
some only do it cause they wish they was me
that’s why the path that they lead is called whack mc’s
as my true warrior keep sh-t real, walking the concrete trails ready to kill at will
i’m with’cha

[chorus x2]

it’s time to take you on a whole new journey
but we got to stick together cause it might get lonely
we headed through the muddy swamps, for real
and this experience might change how you feel
whether it’s good, bad, happy, or sad
just as long as you follow you gonna find your path
and where it ends, it’s all up to you
just as long as you try you’re best to make it through
let’s go

[chorus x2]

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