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lirik lagu nightmares of suffering – abstract survival


in my haunted dreams i see all these horrible faces
terribly twisted in terror
i draw strength from their pain
leeching off their energy
it keeps me alive when there is nothing more for me
now take me to the realm on nightmares
so that i may feast

writhe in the suffering
writhe in the suffering

with blackened smiles and heartless eyes
i watch them every night
gazing into their empty sockets
as they reflect back my own subconscious mind

looking upon my own darkest thoughts
looking upon my own internal chaos
looking upon the end of sanity
looking upon the end of my life

the bleeding souls seep into empty nothingness
crumbling to dust in front of me
right before my eyes
lost in the infinite void surrounding me
they’re taking me over
writhe in the suffering
i’ve lost all control
now the seed has been sown
has been sown right into my soul
spreading like wildfire throughout my being
and i am no more

i’ll never escape from this madness
i’ll never awake from this h-ll
sentenced to the ending of time
diseased brain a prison cell
writhe in the suffering

grotesque figures contorting
my mind is death
swirling screams and howls ring in my ears
inside this poisoned mind i am entombed
this is a place i cannot leave now that i am consumed
no emotions to be found
reduced to the lowest form of life

condemned to rot
the mind to decay
writhing in the suffering
oh the suffering