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lirik lagu towards greatness – abstrakt (metal)


only through suffering can greatness be achieved
i’m a child of contradictions. my existence is paradoxal
i was not created for my path, i chose it
l-sting for progress, climbing the ladders
and here i am, on the top of the world thrown the ladders away

against standards, against norms
preaching chaos every single moment
releasing those who heed the call
let my will be done

the basic principle, the reason
of this causal limited universe
the flame inside is burning and hurting
forcing to wander, seeking salvation
standing in the light of the divine glory
is my creator, grasping my hand
altruistic contingent limited love
my spiritual shield, giver of peace

for the love of god
is just a chain
around my mind
and there i was, in free fall
crumbled foundations
left just pieces of shattered spirit
deeper to the dungeons without course
keeping up the act
losing all i believed in

losing all

crawling in twilight, knowing i’m wrong
can’t see my way out of this misery
hear my cries in the unlight
as my life-force is spent! my death!

my death!

not by mercy, by sheer force of will i shall recreate myself
without gods, without help. my inner sacred flame is undying
my second birth
i am again

the moment
of my death in christ
was the darkest nightmare
to experience
but also
the origin of my greatness

painful birth
but alone

watching and wondering like a child
given new vision, power to comprehend
feeling the gaps in the net of reality
duality overtaking oneness


unveiled eyes, tears of joy
by the smallest of blessings
reshaping reality, ignoring laws
the first step, my genesis